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Sarah Jane Catterall (Birth to 1899)

The Life Story of Stephen and Sarah Jane (Catterall) Carr
By: Julie Marie (Allen) Carr

Part One: Stephen and Sarah Jane (Catterall) Carr and family
Chapter 2: Sarah Jane Catterall (Birth to 1899)

Sarah Jane Catterall was born to Joseph and Isabel (Brunskell) Catterall on 16 February 1882. According to Sarah Jane’s entry of birth {received today -- 03 May 2010}, she was born at New Herrington, Durham, England with a Sub-district of Houghton Le Spring. Sarah Jane’s dad was listed as Joseph Cattrall and her mom Isabella had the name Bell Cattrall formerly Brunskell. I bet you can’t guess what Joseph’s occupation was -- yep Coal Miner.

I still need to find out if she was baptized, if so when and where. I wonder want it was like to be born in 1882 in Durham, England. This will also be something I do some research on -- where there housewives, who came out or neighbors -- maybe even other family members. Did the father go in the room or have to wait like so many here in the United States.

The first and only census Sarah Jane Catterall was listed on has a child was the 1891 England Census at the age of 9 years old living at 46 George St., West Herrington, Co. Durham. She was living with not only her parents (Joseph and Bell), and her siblings (William, Benjamin, herself, and Hannah), but her Grandma Hannah Taylor -- states mother-in-law on relationship to head of household. I wonder what Sarah Jane felt about living with her grandma. Did she enjoy hearing stories about “back when I was a child.” or was she more interested in playing than listening.

There is a transcription at the following Website:

1891 -- RG12/4155 ED 16 folio 99 page 16
46 George St., West Herrington, Co. Durham
Joseph Catterall head m 38 coal miner LAN Wigan
Bell Catterall wife m 31 DUR Durham
William Catterall son 13 coal miner DUR Durham
Benjamin Catterall son 11 DUR Durham
Sarah Jane Catterall daur 9 DUR Durham
Hannah Catterall daur 4 DUR Durham
Hannah Taylor mother in law 69 DUR Durham, 1891 England Census (Provo, UT, USA, Operations Inc, 2005),, Database online.
Class: RG12; Piece: 4115; Folio 99; Page 16; GSU roll: 6099225.
Record for Sarah Jane Catterall.

Stay tuned to see what happens in the next ten years? What does Sarah Catterall do with her life? At this point in my research I don‘t have much of what happened in Sarah‘s childhood, but little by little we will break down the brick walls. By the way, a little hint is that she gets married on 15 Sept 1900.
This is not only the story of Stephen and Sarah’s life, but also the story behind my research. I hope little by little I will be able to not only find documents that prove their family, but also stories that bring them to life. Please if you have anything you want to add to this blog, email me at

Thank you,

Julie Marie (Allen) Carr

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