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Mary Ellen Carr (26 Jul 1912 to 27 Nov 1978)

Mary Ellen Carr was the seventh child born to Stephen and Sarah Jane (Catterall) Carr. She was born on 26 Jul 1912 in Stellarton, Nova Scotia, Canada. The only child born in Canada.

Collection: NS Museum of Cultural History
Date Taken: 01 Jan, 1912  -- Description: Halifax From Elevator Looking North;

Mary was not even a year old when her family moved to the United States. Her dad, Stephen Carr, crossed over to the United States on 08 Mar 1913. The rest of the family followed later that month on 13 May 1913.

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According to Pat (Mary Ellen Wyatt) McNabb, in an email dated 08 July 2010 with subject: RE: Your mom -- Mary Ellen (Carr) Wyatt to myself -- her parents Mary Ellen Carr and Clarence Howard Wyatt was married in Wheeling, West Virginia. As of right now, I have not found a marriage certificate of their marriage and do not know the date they were married.

This picture of Pat, Mary (Carr), Clarence Howard, and Bud Wyatt was taken in April 1959

That picture is of me, mom, dad and Bud - Dick is not in the picture. This was taken at our church confirmation. Otherwise, very interesting!
Pat McNabb
picture of Fort Henry Bridge between Ohio and West Virginia
taken by Kara Ward, great-great-granddaughter of Eva (Evelyn Divine Carr) Hornbeck

Here is what she wrote in the email...
Mom and Dad were married in Wheeling, WV on ??. Dad was a coal miner then and, as far as I know, Mom stayed at home. When they found they couldn't have children, they adopted Dick (from outside the family) and Bud and me (adopted from Bill and Mary Carr). We lived in Triadelphia, WV most of my childhood and then moved to Overbrook in Elm Grove when I was 9. At that time, Dad had been hurt in the mines and had started to work as a carpenter. He helped build the Fort Henry Bridge that crosses the Ohio River. Somewhere there's a picture of him atop the girders. He and Mom also owned a sportsbar in Elm Grove for a while. I remember it had a shuffleboard, slot machines and a juke box. I would play "The Tennessee Waltz" on that thing till people complained! When the guy would come in to empty the slots, he would always give my brother and me a roll of nickles. Not sure how long they owned the bar, but from what I understand, Dad drank up most of the profits!!

Most weekends were spent playing poker in the basement of our home or at Aunt Hilda's or Aunt Laura's house. This was the main form of recreation/relaxation for our family. On occasion we would go to the lake or Sunset swimming pool for picnics and family reunions (where, of course, they would play poker!).

Dad died of cancer when I was 18. He had smoked all his life. Mom kept the house for a while, but around 1976 she, Aunt Laura and Aunt Ginny moved into an apartment on Main Street in Wheeling and she decided to clean up the vacant lot next door so they could use it. Evidently she cut her hand and ended up contracting bacterial meningitis. She died in 1978 after being in a nursing home for about a year.

Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2002

Name: Mary E Wyatt
Birth Date: 1912
Gender: Female
Race: White
Residence City: Steubenville
Residence County: Jefferson
Residence State: Ohio
Residence Country: United States
Death Date: 27 Nov 1978
Hospital of Death: Trinity West Hospital
City of Death: Steubenville
County of Death: Jefferson
Certificate: 083052
Age at Death: 66
Certifier: Physician
Autopsy: No autopsy
Marital Status: Widowed
Source Citation: Certificate: 083052; Volume: 23464
Source Information: Ancestry.com and Ohio Department of Health. Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2002 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: http://www.ancestry.com/ Operations Inc, 2006.


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