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Hannah Bell Carr (15 Sept 1901 to 17 Apr 1967)

The Life Story of Stephen and Sarah Jane (Catterall) Carr
By: Julie Marie (Allen) Carr
Part One: Stephen and Sarah Jane (Catterall) Carr and family
Chapter 4: Stephen and Sarah’s Children born in England

Section 4.1: Hannah Bell Carr (15 Sept 1901 to 17 Apr 1967)

Hannah Bell, the daughter of Stephen and Sarah Jane (Catterall) Carr was born on 15 Sept 1901 Spennymoor, Durham, England. She was their first born child and of all the days for Sarah to deliver it had to be her 1 year wedding anniversary. I guess that would have been an easy date to remember. I feel sorry for Sarah to have to be spending her wedding anniversary with pain, but I’m sure she felt all the joy a mother could want when she held Hannah for the first time.

Hannah was only ten when her dad left for Canada. He left his family behind, but not for long before having them come over to met up with him. I bet the few months that they were separated was hard on not only the kids, but the parents, too. Before she turned 11, she had already made a trip across the ocean, and lost a sibling on the way. I wish I could have been a part of the family earlier so I could have asked her daughter if her mom ever talked about the hardship she faced as a child.

Hannah arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 22 September 1911. I can picture her and her siblings running up to their dad -- happy to see him yet sad about their baby sister. I bet they had a lot of emotions running through them, and maybe not even know how to explain it all., Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935
(Provo, UT, USA, The Generations Network, Inc., 2008),, Database online. Record for Hannah B Carr.

On 13 May 1913, she crossed into the United States of America through Vanceboro, Maine. She then still had to make her way to her father, who had left a few months earlier. I bet that would have been a rough trip for Hannah’s mom and 6 children, but they did make it back to one another.

For some reason Hannah’s mom put her age down as 10, which would make her born in 1903. However, on the 1911 England Census she was also 10, which would make her born in 1901 -- the year that was past down. According to the Manifest card from when Hannah crossed from Canada to Vanceboro, Maine, she had brown hair and green eyes. We do not know her height from this card, but at least we know a little about her appearance., Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956
(Provo, UT, USA, The Generations Network, Inc., 2008),, Database online

Sometime before February 1918, Hannah Bell Carr met a boy by the name of Howard. She never married him, but she did have her only child with him. Hannah named her daughter Sarah, and by the time the 1920 census was taken Hannah and Sarah was living with Hannah’s parents in Benwood Ward 2, Marshall, West Virginia.

Sarah was born in February 1918 in Ohio, USA. She married three times, but had no living children, it is family stories that she had 3 stillborn babies. I have found 2 death certificates for babies born and died to Sara and her first husband (Steve). She then married Charles Ellis, and after he died she married Ben Stenger.

Sarah and Charles Ellis
taken 1971
Photo in Delores (Shriner) Green's Photo Book
I now own this book

Paul Carr (Scottie -- my brother-in-law), Sarah Ellis
Michael Carr (Mickey -- My husband)
taken 1971
Photo in Delores (Shriner) Green's Photo Book
I now own this book

Sometime after 1930, Hannah married Harry Jay Oden, the son of Elmer S and Alice Rebecca Oden. They had no children together. They stayed married until Hannah’s death on 17 April 1967. Harry got married for the third time to a Helen Wright, before Hannah’s marriage Harry was married to Irene Welch on 23 Aug 1924. I do have Harry's marriage certificate to Irene, and the 1930 census with Harry, Irene, Alyce, and Mary R. If you need these, please email me at and I will email you a copy.

Hannah and Harry Oden
Photo received from Delores (Shriner) Green's Photo book
I now own these pictures.

I do not have the actual death certificate for Hannah, but I do have the following from She was buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia, USA. My husband was born in June 1967, so he never met his Aunt Hannah.

Name: Hannah B Oden
Birth Date: 1902
Gender: Female
Race: White
Residence County: Belmont
Residence State: Ohio
Residence Country: United States
Death Date: 17 Apr 1967
Hospital of Death: Belmont Community
City of Death: Bellaire
County of Death: Belmont
Certificate: 25388
Age at Death: 65
Certifier: Coroner
Autopsy: Yes, used for certification
Marital Status: Married
Source Citation: Certificate: 25388; Volume: 18816

Source Information: and Ohio Department of Health. Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2002 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006.

I will be trying to look for the Autopsy to see what Hannah died from, but this is hard to do because she has no living descendant. Sarah was the her only child and She died without any children.
This is not only the story of Stephen and Sarah’s life, but also the story behind my research. I hope little by little I will be able to not only find documents that prove their family, but also stories that bring them to life. Please if you have anything you want to add to this blog, email me at

Thank you,
Julie Marie (Allen) Carr

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